Black history 365 testimonial

James (Agbara) Bryson

James Bryson is an award-winning educator, author, national trainer and founder of New Millennium Institute. He offers presentations, workshops and forums that seek strategies to help people maximize their potential.

Since he lived in public housing, he understands the challenges of helping people to maximize their potential and overcome their self-handicapping behaviors. Unfortunately, many of his peers did not develop their potential and prescribed to self-handicapping strategies and found themselves unprepared to make a successful into the workforce or community.

Mr. Bryson received a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Eureka College and a Master’s Degree in Social Science from Illinois State University. He has completed a multitude of training seminars in assessment, counseling, motivation, process management, service delivery systems, personal and workforce development, and human resource management.

Mr. Bryson is certified as a Diversity Practitioner by the Workforce Diversity Institute at Northeastern Illinois University. He has presented at the Heartland Professional Development Conference which focused on diversity and workforce development issues. He is featured in Role Models: Profiles of Successful African American Professionals in Peoria, Illinois. He is inducted into the African American Hall of Fame for education and won Martin Luther King Drum Major Award for Student Advocacy, and founded Illinois Central College’s African American Male Program, Harvesting Dreams. Bio from