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I encourage every school district throughout the United States to strongly consider adopting the comprehensive Black History 365 curriculum as their choice for African American studies.,
- - Andrew Young, Civil Rights Activist & UN Ambassador
As a former middle school history teacher, I remember supplementing additional information. I wanted to teach the WHOLE truth. This book and information should be in every school.
- RR Smith
This powerful educational curricula breaks the shackles of traditional rote learning...nothing I have seen matches the breadth of educational tools and resources available through the Black History 365 curriculum.
- Bill Haley Jr., Alex Haley's Grandson
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E-book Access option

LMS LT1 Integration

This option gives your school full control. Our textbook is added to your learning management system (LMS) which offers the opportunity to use single sign-on. To implement this setup we need to know the LMS used for rostering by your school and the version. If your school district would like to use rostering then we will work together to determine intervals and methods for roster delivery. After receiving this information we will provide the (1) consumer key (2) shared secret (3) launch URL and (4) book ID to complete setup. This option grants immediate access to the eBook.

BH365 eBook App

This Option is similar to logging into a personal e-mail account. Each student and teacher will be given an access code to access the eBook. The option does not offer control by your school. To remove users, you must contact us and the activity could take up to 3 business days to complete. This option grants immediate access to the eBook.

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"The Kindergarten Collection"

Now available!  The highly anticipated Kindergarten collection is now available.  The collection includes four 18 x 15 books than can be purchased individually or as a collection. Filled with BEAUTIFUL, unique imagery, each book is designed specifically for the academic, social, and emotional development of Kindergarten children that highlights African American images and culture. The books are grounded in developmentally appropriate pedagogy while conveying the NCSS Standards for early grades learning expectations. Each book is designed to familiarize young children with relatable stories to promote diversity, learn about themselves, and understand their important place in the world. GET YOURS HERE TODAY. and inspire.