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Black History 365 is an educational entity whose purpose is to create cutting-edge resources that invite students, educators, and other readers to become critical thinkers, compassionate listeners, fact-based, respectful communicators and action-oriented solutionists.

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Black History 365 is a thoughtful and factual chronology of the Black experience and journey and that this Black experience is an American story that needs to be shared with everyone. It reflects who we are and what we have accomplished as a nation and transcends ethnicity, race, gender, age, geography and all dimensions of our diverse country. It has and continues to make this country and this world a beacon of hope and opportunity. As an Haitian American, I am grateful to have been a beneficiary of its greatness and to be provided with the opportunity to contribute and to build on what has gotten us here and to take us even further.
- Patrick Gaston, Former President, Verizon Foundation
The Black History 365 curriculum is exactly what our educational systems need. It is innovative, creative, and provides a variety of different art forms and communication mediums to learn the content. Students learn in a variety of ways: verbally, nonverbal, written and visually! BH365 can meet all of their needs; and this is the power of culturally responsive teaching and learning.
- Jamila Thomas, Senior Vice President, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Dallas
BH365 goes into great depth on many aspects of Black History [that] only receives cursory attention in other history textbooks. I love this curriculum because it facilitates important conversations that help students make connections between history and modern day issues. It helps students to process current events from a historical context. Historical context is a critical piece missing from much of our understanding of current events and BH365 definitely helps to close this gap. BH365 is comprehensive, geared towards students of all ethnicities, engaging, and provides excellent opportunities for deeper conversations. BH365 provides everything necessary for a high school teen to explore Black History in an innovative, interactive way.
Kendra of A Hear 4 Home School
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We invite you to join our Virtual Open House on

Thursday, October 20th @ 2:00pm CST.

Our executive team will provide an overview of the Black History 365 curriculum. The overview will include an in-depth breakdown of our textbook and professional development.

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The Black History 365 Education textbook is mind-blowing. From Ancient Africa to modern events, it brings the unique stories of Black people to the classroom like NEVER before. Schools across the country are adopting it. We would love to support you in becoming an advocate to bring Black History 365 to your local public school district. Simply click the button below and we will follow-up with the resources and support to begin the process.

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This powerful educational curriculum breaks the shackles of traditional rote leaming...nothing I have seen matches the breadth of educational tools and resources available through the Black History 365 curriculum.
- Bill Haley, Jr., Alex Haley's Grandson
One could argue that Black History 365 is the culmination of the quest to bring together all of the videos, websites, online resources, maps, charts, graphs and the bulk of resources that have been developed by scholars, teachers, students and curriculum specialists to teach the African American experience over the past 40 years.
- W. Marvin Dulaney. Historian. Educator
Incorporating the Black History 365 process gives school districts the opportunity to teach Black History throughout the school year and to develop the next generation of change agents.
-James Agbara Bryson. Great Grand Nephew of Anne Malone
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