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For decades, the intentional omission and misrepresentation of Black history in America’s public schools have robbed students of an opportunity to learn about the rich past and ancestry of African Americans. As taught in America’s schools, American history is a whitewashed version of this nation’s history with minimal acknowledgment of the countless contributions people of color have made to the development of this country and the promulgation of an identity steeped in slavery. Historical accounts of Black people have been framed from the context of slavery and civil rights while abandoning the rich legacy of African civilizations from which the enslaved were stolen and brought to American shores. BH365 challenges that approach presenting Black history from its place and time of origin – ancient Africa and celebrating the accomplishment of Black people in America. Many school districts around the country are now recognizing the need to include Black history. Several have even passed resolutions mandating the history of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) be included as an integral part of their American history courses. In some instances, students have successfully advocated for these policy changes. Research demonstrates the academic success of Black students increases when they are educated in an environment that promotes and provides culturally relevant teaching and learning opportunities that promote their identities and elevate their awareness about their culture, heritage, and history. The lack of historical content has been a significant influencer of adverse outcomes for black students and communities including lack of self-awareness, lack of self-esteem, lack of intrinsic motivation, decreased academic achievement, truancy, and criminal activity.


From BH365's Advisory Board

The Black History 365 textbook is the greatest thing that has happened since sliced bread. I hope that all of you are able to acquire this book, even if it's just for your own families and personal education. From before slavery to everything that's happening today, it encompasses so much. I am very proud to be involved to try and educate the world.
- Mark Henry, WWE Superstar
The exemplary level of work and commitment exhibited to de-velop Black History 365 should be commended. The need for a project like this cannot be overstated nor ignored. Please support this endeavor and allow it to be an instructional tool for use in the preparation of guiding your students toward greatness!
- Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairwoman. Urban One, Inc
Black History 365 is the comprehensive, holistic, text and image K-12 curriculum we have so intensely desired that fills a tremendous void in today's educational en-richment landscape.
Ben Watson, NFL Super Bowl XXXI Champion
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Black History 365 Podcast


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Community Connection With Tina Cosby click here to view

A full slate today on Community Connection! First, Tina follows up on IMPD’s Black History Month badge debacle. Elder Lionel Rush & Attorney Robert Turner return after their press conference with an update on the situation, as well as what the process for the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance looks like going forward. We then switch gears and invite Rev. Dr. Therron Williams & Dr. Walter Milton back to the show to discuss their new Black History Month initiative!

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Portland schools want to ensure new history textbooks provide diverse perspectives click here to view

April 12 2023.  Portland Public Schools is planning to roll out new social studies materials this fall. Vendors of the textbooks that are among the finalists displayed their products at district headquarters this week. Among the final choices: a new series of textbooks called BlackHistory 365, which is designed to be used in conjunction with other updated, more traditional textbooks. That series is already used in Beaverton, Salem-Keizer and Lane County schools, according to its vendor.  Click HERE to read more.

These students fought for a Black history course at their school, and won click here to view

April 28 2022.  Canada’s history is ‘incomplete’ without Black people, students say.  Click HERE to read more.

Dr. Walter Milton Jr. at the Billionaire Mastermind Forum click here to view

March 2023.  Dr. Walter Milton Jr. keynote speaker for Billionaire Mastermind Forum.   Peoria County Joint Commission on Racial Justice and Equity met June 16. Click HERE for the February 17th presentation.  Click HERE for the March 24th presentation.

Saginaw public schools to implement Black History Education 365 curriculum click here to view

August 19, 2022.

The Saginaw Public School district is looking at offering a more up-to-date angle on Black history.

In a preamble before discussing the curriculum at this week’s school board meeting, Aug. 17, Superintendent Ramont Roberts says the Black History Education 365 curriculum, started by former Flint Superintendent Walter Milton, focuses on the authenticity and accuracy of Black people and those of African descent across the globe.

. Click HERE to read more.

Peoria County Joint Commission on Racial Justice and Equity met June 16 click here to view

July 7, 2022. Peoria County Joint Commission on Racial Justice and Equity met June 16. Click HERE to read more.

Detroit school district adopts new Black history curriculum click here to view

June 13, 2022. The Detroit school district is retooling its African American history elective courses for middle and high school, replacing outdated social studies materials in favor of a textbook that offers a more expansive look at Black history and culture. Click HERE to read more. 

Peoria’s ongoing racial inequities highlighted in joint commission’s inaugural report click here to view

June 21, 2022.  The 2022 Peoria City-County Racial Disparities Report issued last week identifies areas of inequity in economic development, jobs, housing, child and youth development, mobility and transportation, justice, health and human services, information technology, environment and climate impacting Black residents of Peoria.

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Keeping it Real with AI Sharpton • Video click here to view

Interview with Black History 365

Ricky Smiley Morning Show • Video click here to view

Interview with Black History 365

Pro News Report click here to view

Black History 365 Partners with KITABOO to Distribute Content Across the USA. •  May 12, 2021. Click HERE to read more. 



The Source click here to view

BLACK HISTORY 365: NEW EDUCATIONAL ENTITY IS MAKING SURE AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY IS BEING TAUGHT ALL YEAR LONG  •  March 1, 2021 Black History 365: New Educational Entity Is Making Sure African-American History Is Being Taught All Year Long   

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News One click here to view

New Textbook Makes Black History Relevant 365 Days Of The Year  •  Feb 19, 2019 

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The Denver Channel click here to view

New school curriculum to offer more inclusive history of Black history and culture  •  Feb 23, 2021 

 Click HERE to read more. 

PR Newswire / Urban One click here to view

Black History 365 In Partnership With Urban One, Inc. Commemorates Juneteenth With The Launch Of A New Black History Curriculum. •. June 18, 2020 

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PR Web click here to view

Entrepreneur JoAnn Scaife Launches Intriguing New Weekly Podcast, “Black History Matters 365”   •  Sept. 29, 2020  

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Chicago Tribune click here to view

As Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday, one suburban Chicago high school district is slated to educate students about Black history with a world view •  June 18, 2021 

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KSAT 12 News click here to view

New school curriculum aims to ‘fill in the blanks’ about untold aspects of black history   •  June 9, 2020 

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KVII News click here to view

Black history is American history: Filling the gaps in Texas education   •  Sept. 8, 2020 

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WMBD News click here to view

Students hear from authors at ‘Superintendent Roundtable’   •  Feb. 9, 2022 

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Peoria Public Radio, WCBU click here to view

Q&A: Co-authors discuss their Black History curriculum and the importance of inclusive education  •  Feb. 16, 2022 

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CBS Chicago click here to view

‘It’s Exciting’: Proviso Math And Science Academy Has Black History Going Beyond February With New Curriculum  •  Feb. 15, 2022 

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