Troubleshooting Protocols 

Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure an optimal experience with BH365.

eBook Solutions 

  1. A user cannot use the same email used for a preview once a perpetual license is issued. A new email will need to be provided to allow access. 
  2. The access code created for administrators/teachers will be the same code students/readers use  
  3. The password to access Andrew Young videos, is in the Integrated Technology box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The password is BH365. 
  4. If you had access previously to an eBook and suddenly lose access, you will need to be given a new access code to regain access. The same is true if you have forgotten your email/password.

Institute Solutions 

  1. If a user is having trouble distributing books, we can check to make sure they have the correct licensing. Contact Jocelyn Lege, BH365 IT Support Facilitator 
  2. Administrators are the only users who can distribute books. 
  3. If the administrator would like to look at an eBook they will have to pose as the teacher or student and use their email to have access. 
  4. If a new student or teacher needs access, they will need to contact the administrator to distribute a book. 


How do I fix the speed in which the books load? 

  • Google Chrome is the optimal choice when loading the eBooks. Running the books through chrome should improve the speed.  

What can I do to fix glitches when accessing the eBooks? 

  • If you’re having trouble with things such as the books freezing, crashing, or the eBook randomly skipping to pages, try clearing your device’s browser cache and that should address those issues.

Are there any support videos to help assist with the eBooks? 


If you need further assistance after trying some of these options, please don’t hesitate to our support team leader, Jocelyn Lege (BH365 IT Support Facilitator ):  or (888) 365-2453  

BH365 brings history to life with its eBook app

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