Black History 365, BH365

Black and Blue Ribbon Project
“We’re in this Together”

What is the Black and Blue Ribbon Project?

Currently, there is a crisis in America. African American men, women and children are being killed by law enforcement at a disturbing rate.  Of those populations, research shows that, in comparison to white men and boys, black men and boys face a higher risk of being killed by law enforcement. Now is the time to find solutions and protect the lives of Black men and boys, along with the lives of police officers as many seek to protect and serve, and we have the tools, to orchestrate the healing!

Black History 365 (BH365) Education Foundation Inc. is raising funds to give a BH365: An Inclusive Account of American History textbook to every police office in the United States and will couple this gift with personal/professional development and training.

The overall goal of this project is to provide officers with additional resources to rebuild trust, increase morale, enhance empathy, challenge stereotypical thinking, and further restore and develop fractured relationships and bridge the existing gap among the Black and Blue community.

Ways to Support

For every wristband you purchase, one will also be given to a police officer and help create the universal message of “We’re in this Together.”  You can also make a donation in any amount.

Reasons to purchase this wristband:

  • Purchase a wristband because you have witnessed the current unrest in your country with policing and African Americans. You know that change starts with you; therefore, you support this movement on training police officers in becoming culturally competent with African American men, women, and children. You will wear your wristband because you support recreating the narrative of African Americans and police officers and you support the universal message that “We’re in this together.”

  • Your purchase will also gift a wristband to a police officer because you want them educated and protected as well, and you understand the importance of training education. When you see a police officer wearing this wristband, it informs you that he/she has undergone intensive training on the history of African Americans and can effectively and efficiently interact with them. When you see a police officer wearing this wristband it lets you know, they have made a conscience effort to create a safe, fearless policing environment.  They, too, understand that change begins with them and community policing is not a sole duty. “We’re in this together”!